A year Ago This Weekend,..


A year ago, this weekend or so, I was beyond nervous as an interviewee here at the University of Utah, two days after interviewing at OHSU and a week after interviewing at Pacific.  It’s hard to describe that sense of anguish, desire, hope, uncertainty, and wonder about the future possibilities.  I definitely re-experienced it last night as I stood in front of this year’s crop of interviewees on the Q&A panel, answering questions that I remember asking a year ago.  I reassured a bevy of polished, intelligent, accomplished and terrified women who were just as worried about their interview performance yesterday as I was a year ago.  I tried with all my might to persuade them that they ARE indeed capable, otherwise they wouldn’t be here, and that there won’t be a really good reason why if they’re not admitted this year, because they weed out hundreds to interview eighty-eight, of whom they will choose forty-four,. and yet all eighty-eight are qualified.  I can’t express how happy I am to have made it.  I can’t believe it’s been six and a half months of intense learning, and I’ve made it so far.  I can’t believe the incredible ways that God has paved the way for us here in Salt Lake, the friends he’s brought into our lives, the spiritual lessons he’s teaching us, the unbelievable learning experience I’m having.  I really am one of those people who over-reflect on everything,… so it really is intriguing for me to stop and consider all that has taken place in the past year that has so dramatically changed our lives.  If you had told me, even as a senior at Westmont where I’d be today, I’d be freaking excited, and dumbfounded!  Really?!!  I get to be a teacher AND have an amazing medical career???  Even though I’m freezing my butt off right now, because I moved from a winter climate to a winter climate, there’s a blanket wrapped around me, two mugs empty of hot chocolate on my desk, a cat in my lap, and my little space heater on overdrive under my feet, watching the snow fall outside,… I am jazzed beyond belief.  Just as jazzed to be here as I was listening to an amazing lecture on Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia yesterday, but one of our nation’s experts.  This is just beyond cool.  So, here’s to a year from now, where I’ll be in the middle of my clinicals, putting all of this information together, staring down the end of my schooling towards the horizon of possibilities.  Giddy is how I would describe my feelings towards all of this.  Giddy, and overwhelmed by the love of a God who blows my mind everyday.  Peace.


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